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Look 5 years younger in only
3 weeks 

safe - efficient - easy to apply
100 % natural

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FIBROCELL BOOST WOMEN is rich in RM31 which has numerous positive effects on your health, skin and beauty. Important metabolic processes are improved and the energy balance is raised. This leads to more vitality, resilience, tone and a greater sense of well-being.


FIBROCELL BOOST WOMEN has been adapted from its formula to the metabolism of women, taking into account the regulation of cellular respiration and protein balance. Through the application monitoring by therapists, in addition to the well-known anti-aging effect through cell rejuvenation of up to 5 years, further application possibilities could be observed:

Improvement of the skin appearance

Improvement of skin tension on the whole body

Improved wound healing

Containment of chronic inflammatory processes

Improvement of the cellular functionality of the organs even in the case of chronic complaints

Improvement of incontinence problems due to bladder lowering

FIBROCELL BOOST MEN contains large amounts of biophysically activated RM31, which has numerous positive effects on your health, skin and radiance. Important regeneration processes of the skin are stimulated and, in addition, the energy balance is significantly increased. This leads to more vitality, stamina and resilience, in other words, to a greater overall sense of well-being. 


The formula of FIBROCELL BOOST MEN has been adapted to the metabolism of men, with the regulation of cellular respiration focusing on carbohydrate metabolism. Through the application monitoring by therapists, besides the well-known anti-aging effect through cell rejuvenation of up to 5 years, further application possibilities could be observed:


Improvement of vital radiance

Improved wound healing

Improvement of joint complaints and chronic inflammatory processes

Improvement of cellular functionality of organs 

Improvement of hair growth

continued ....


Molecule Sequence

The patented GENOS PROCESS is the first known epigenetic method, that is able to convert natural molecules into their signals, using a special ELF-EMF electromagnetic-photonic technology.While molecules have a specific size and can therefore only interact in a limited way, signals are sizeless and can reach all kinds of cell functions. These signals interact with your body's cells by so called signal transduction, prompting a natural response without causing unwanted side effects.Similar like in the MRI technology, where molecules are transformed into signals and made visible through imaging, GENOS Fibrocell uses the transformation of molecules into signals for a precise targeted epigenetic regulation. 



Our commitment to innovation is reflected in our patent, which encompasses the technology, mechanism, and remedies involved in GENOS Fibrocell. This ensures that you receive a unique and exclusive solution that has been scientifically tested and proven to deliver remarkable results. Our patent covers both Europe and the United States, assuring you of the quality and reliability of our method. 


RM31 and Telomere

GENOS Fibrocell is 100 % natural and without any know side effects. It introduces the natural molecule RM31, which is a body-own organic component, found in every cell of the body, into the equation.By activating RM31 and transforming the molecule into its signal in a targeted and effective manner, this remarkable transporter accesses the cell nucleus. The signal of RM31 is released and ensures optimal regulation of important epigenetic key positions, stimulating the regulation of fibroblast cells through a release of this charged energy.This kind of stimulated cell function results in the rejuvenation of fibroblasts and the extension of telomeres in healthy cells. By converting specific molecules into signals through biophysical intervention, this method unlocks the body's own processes for regulation. This approach, coupled with the use of the key molecule RM31, sets GENOS Fibrocell apart as a leader in the field of regenerative medicine. 



Telomeres play a critical role in cellular aging. GENOS Fibrocell recognizes the importance of telomeres and actively works to prolong both short and long telomeres. With GENOS Fibrocell, you can preserve and protect your telomeres, enabling your cells to function optimally and maintain their youthfulness.



GENOS Fibrocell is MADE IN GERMANY and approved and validated according to paragraph 21 of the German Medicines Act (AMG §21.2) and fulfils the strict legal requirements.The Production takes place exclusively in a German pharmacy, based on the current GMP guidelines, current strict QM operating regulations and the highest requirements regarding production and sterility. Each batch of GENOS FIBROCELL is tested for purity and sterility by an independent laboratory and precisely documented by the manufacturing pharmacy. After approval by the external testing laboratory, the prescription drug is shipped to the customer. This certification is proof of our commitment to safety, efficacy and quality assurance. 

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