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Leader in applied epigenetics

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Are you ready to regain your energy, balance, vitality and strength that you had when you were 5 years younger?

Cell Rejuvenation up to 5 years in only 3 weeks ..

In less than 3 weeks say goodbye to fatigue signs and welcome a fresher you, more vibrant, radiating with a youthful glow!Are you searching for a groundbreaking solution to enhance your biological well-being and unlock your body's full potential? Look no further! GENOS FIBROCELL is here to transform the way you approach your health. It's a 100 % natural and cutting-edge biological regulating method that stimulates fibroblast cells and prolongs telomeres, revolutionizing the field of wellness. 

Experience the transformative power of GENOS Fibrocell and embark on a journey towards a revitalized and balanced life.

Our innovative approach to biological regulation will empower you to optimize your well-being like never before. Contact us today to learn more about GENOS FIBROCELL and how it can unlock your body’s potential for longevity and vitality. Join us in revolutionizing the way we approach biological regulation and embrace a youthful future of optimal wellness.

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Here’s how GENOS FIBROCELL stands out from all the other methods on the market ...


Biological Regulation

GENOS is an over two decades developed breakthrough method, that combines knowledge from various scientific disciplines such as epigenetic, microbiology, electro-magnetic medicine, space medicine and biophysics, to deliver outstanding results and regulate your body's biological processes. By leveraging the latest scientific advancements, GENOS Fibrocell activates fibroblast cells - essential for maintaining healthy tissues - and optimizes their functioning, promoting overall well-being. GENOS Fibrocell aims to restore the body's regenerative and healing processes without any known side effects. 

Genos Fibrocell utilizes a three fold formula
for optimal cell rejuvenation

telomere extension lengthens the protective caps at the ends of chromosomes, leading to proven cell rejuvenation. 
fibroblast stimulation activates collagen and elastin production, improving skin elasticity and connective tissue. 
the increase in cell tension enhances cellular respiration and overall body energy and vitality. 

Scientific studies have demonstrated the remarkable effects of GENOS Fibrocell on telomeres, proving its ability to lengthen telomeres and promote cell rejuvenation. Furthermore, fibroblast stimulation improves skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles and sagging.


With the activation of the natural RM31 through using signal transduction, this therapy offers a powerful solution for combating the effects of aging by in addition improving wound healing and reduction of inflammatory processes in the body.
GENOS Fibrocell serves as a stabilizing adjunctive therapy that regulates and supports cell function in the long term. By improving cellular respiration, optimizing cell tension, and enhancing overall cellular processes, this therapy promotes healthy and vital skin. It has no known side effects or interactions with other drugs, making it a safe option for most individuals. 

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Telomere Measurement

Want to know your biological age?


Biological age measurement

For the measurement of biological age, a blood sample of 25.0 ml is required. From this, the telomere length is determined and provided to the patient as a comprehensive report. The measurement before and after the application of GENOS FIBROCELL BOOST can be done by each patient as a proof of its effect. 

How do I get the Collection Kit?

You can place the order by downloading the order form and ordering the Collection Kit (measurement before) at the pharmacy. The pharmacy will send you the collection kit. For blood collection you visit your doctor and on this day you also arrange the pick up date with the pharmacy. The collection kit will be picked up at your desired location. The results will be sent to you in a report in about 10 days to 2 weeks. Delivery is made international possible except for a few destinations., On request, we then can help iyou further

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Combine your genos cell rejuvenation therapy with a vacation in the mountain health resort zelloon

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You can combine the genos cell rejuvenation with the genos therapy at the mountain resort zelloon. Plan two weeks for the genos therapy and you will come home rejuvenated. More details please contact us:

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